We Are Periscope Media

established 2003, Los Angeles, California

We walked and crawl, now you can fly

Back in 2003, we have started building websites for merchants in Los Angeles. Soon, we’ve run into major problem. How the hell in the world are we going to manage all website accounts? Hundreds sites means hundreds logins, hundreds setups and thousands problems. And when website is done, what’s next? Why is everyone of our clients keep asking for help with marketing, maintenance, upgrades? The questions and requests just kept coming. 

That's why we built payme funnels

After many … many years of trial and error, developing own platform, switching platforms, hitting the walls, we have finally built PayMe Funnels. We’ve partnered with ONLY the ABSOLUTE BEST SaaS and eCommerce solutions to bring you a platform so stable and powerful, that you may run your entire business  using PayMe Funnels. 

Matt Vantuch CEO Periscope Media LLC.

I founded the company in 2003, in Los Angeles, with a clear vision. Helping merchants to establish themselves online and provide the tools and knowledge about available online and offline tools to run and grow business and revenue. 

The online world is changing rapidly, from search engines, to how people react to design, and so on. My passion and love for new technologies is translated and incorporated into our products and services we offer. I myself started as a small business owner. I know very well how marketing and online presence is important for building a successful business.

Matt Vantuch

CEO Periscope Media LLC.

Rene Hurnik - CEO Periscope Media s.r.o.

I have 15 years of business experience, I realize the obstacles that every business owner and business has to face. Nowadays, it’s not enough to be excellent in your profession, but you also have to be great in the online world. The customer makes buying decisions online before he visits your place of business. And here is where businesses and business owners need the most help.

We have, therefore, prepared online tools so that they are as simple as possible to use, can be controlled from one place and solve all the worries with online marketing and sales. Our goal is that a successful business owner or business won’t need any other tools for their online marketing and sales.

Rene Hurnik

CEO Periscope Media s.r.o.

Our Timeline

Periscope Media, based in Los Angeles, CA, was founded in 2003. Periscope Media has always been the pioneer of new technologies and marketing for businesses. In 2016, our company opened a European office in the Czech Republic.


Over 50 companies in Pasadena, CA, participating in a B2B program run by Periscope Media. Created over 70 corporate websites.


Creating Paid Access membership Websites built already at that time on WordPress. Running and managing own affiliate program with over 2,000 affiliate partners. Paid out well over $ 1,000,000.00 in affiliate commissions.


Periscope Media is awarded for creating the most visited paid membership website in the world. With apearances in Chicago WGN – TV, Chicago Sports Radio Show, Dallas Radio and more …  Company’s revenue is now over $ 5 million.


Periscope Media is expanding to Europe. Using heard earned experience with WordPress, WooCommerce and hundreds online tools, starting to lay down the foundation to what is now PayMe Funnels.


After years of in-house and in the field testing, getting feedback, walking and crawling back and forth to drawing board, experiencing with different tools and strategies … on March 17th 2018, Periscope Media has launched PayMe Funnels.