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Periscope Media offers a full stack of software for building beautiful websites with online store fueled with affiliate program and customer loyalty program to grow your sales.

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Why Periscope Media?

When you have a business, you need connection to the outside world.

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Beautiful website

Your image online matters

Online store +

Grow your sales

Affiliate program

Jetfuel for your sales


Customer loyalty

Your customers forever

Everything in one the right place


Nothing can hold me down

Your beautiful functional website with online store and array of tools to grow your sales is closer than ever.

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No risk, and no credit card required. Try Periscope Media ELITE 14 days free.

Grow your business

Beautiful website, online gift certificates, online store, online refferals and rewards. It's all easier with Periscope Media.


Website / E-shop

Using a simple online builder, you will create a beautiful, functional website with online store in just a few steps. 

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Affiliate program

We have integrated Affiliate program right into your website. While setting up your products, set affiliate reward.

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Loyalty program

Just like Affiliate program, we have also integrated Customer Loyalty program directly into your website. Decide how you'd like to reward your customers.

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Mobile payments

Give your customers the option to pay using their mobile phone and at the same time, reward them for purchase. You do have a loyalty program, remember? 😄

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Start selling today for free

Hundreds of merchants and businesses are using Periscope Media to grow sales, revenue and online brand. Join them today, it's free.

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No risk, and no credit card required. Try Periscope Media ELITE 14 days free.


For beginners and experts alike.

What is Periscope Media platform? We'll try to explain, but it's a lot of information, read on and don't say we didn't warn you!

Website builder

Create your own beautiful website in a few steps right in your browser. If you can send an email with photo attached, you are already a web-design expert. 👩‍💻


Your website is automatically optimized for all browsers. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

SEO optimalization

Your website is optimized for local search engines and your business sector.

Super fast

Website speed is very important. Up to 50% of visitors leave your website if it's not loaded within 3 seconds.

Domain name

Do you have your own domain name? You can redirect your domain name to our servers. If you don't, a free domain name comes with yearly package.


Your account and website are secured with the highest level of security. We use bank level security for your account.


Your website is hosted in the Cloud. It means, that your website it is always available and online. We use the Google cloud infrastructure.

Clean code

Under the hood of your website is Bootstrap framework with pure semantic code, which is an important part of SEO and a fast web site.

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Online gift certificate

Sell online gift certificates on your website for your products or services.


Special offers

Creativity has no end. Special events, offers and packages have never been easier to sell.


Product and services

Easily sell and manage your products and services from one place.


PayMe Payment getaway

No need to worry about getting your own payment getaway. Use our PayMe getaway integrated with ČSOB payments.

Affiliate program

We have integrated your own affiliate program directly into your website. For each product or service, set affiliate reward. Periscope Media system will take care of the rest for you.

More about affiliate program for my business »
Loyalty program

An integral part of every business is customer loyalty program. In Merchant Cloud, you set how many percent of the purchase you reward your customers with. Your rewards can be redeemed only by you on your next purchase or in cash. It's up to you.

Read more about customer loyalty program for your website »

4. Mobile payments

Give your customers the option to pay with their mobile phone. There's no need for any new hardware or software to do so. Your customers will use their mobile device to pay for your product or service right in-front of your eyes. You will get an email notification and transaction receipt in your Periscope Media admin.

More about mobile payments for your business »

You're in good company

Periscope Media was born in California, USA in 2003 with a vision to create an environment for small and medium size merchants to manage, maintain and grow their customers and revenue.

Web development - 14 years

The road started with building website for clients in the Los Angeles area in 2003.

Affiliate program - 11 years

Our clients were looking for ways to grown their business. We've answered with our own Affiliate program.

Loyalty program - 12 years

We provide customer loyalty program consulting and execution fore many years and have created many successful projects for our clients.

Mobile payments - 3 years

Payments by phone are the future, we are no newbies in mobile payments.

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    “It's time for a change. The statistics show, that only 1% businesses have figured out online marketing and online sales channels."

    Rene Hurnik
    CEO Periscope Media s.r.o.
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    “Leave all the technical stuff around your online marketing to us. We really love what we do and we are really good at it.”

    Matt Vantuch
    CEO Periscope Media LLC.

But don't take our word for it ...

Your words speak for us

We have tried to get up and running our business website for over one year. With Periscope Media, we have created beautiful website in a matter of hours including online store section with online gift certificate.

Katka M.
Bratislava, SK

I was lookig for a way to have my own affiliate program for my website. I found it, thank you.

Peter K.
Bratislava, SK

I really like, how easy and straightforward everything is. Even I did it. Now we have a beautiful website and our own online gift certificate for our customers.

Hanka K.
Praha, CZ

Everyone who makes a purchase from our website or in person in our store with mobile phone, receives cash back as a thank you from us. This is exactly how I wanted to have customer loyalty program for my business.

Radek D.
Ostrava, CZ

Your business is our business

Our only goal is your success. We have been around the block for some time and are helping business with online marketing for over 14 years.

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No risk, and no credit card required. Try Periscope Media ELITE 14 days free..

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