The Business Of Web Design


COVID-19 Update:

In the event of Government issue shut down of classes and classrooms, certification will be held in the form of live online classes. 

12 Weeks. A World of Difference.

Periscope Media LLC. offers a two - month certification course with a web design business curriculum focused on real-world practice.

Becoming certified by Periscope Media LLC. in the web design business means complete hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge, ready to use immediately in the real world.

From starting your own web design business to creating, maintaining a professional website for your own business, your clients, your employer, the possibilities are limitless!

Why get certified?

No other web design course out there will provide a complete overview, hands-on experience, and business practices used in today's business of web design. Successful completion of "The Business of web design" certification course, means an immediate income and a successful career in the business of web design.


Who is this certification for?

This certification course requires no previous experience. You will learn everything you need to know about the business of web design in a simple and easy to understand fashion. Your teachers will be always on hand to help you along the way during classes and even between classes.

Ideal for:


1. Introduction

Goal: Understanding the business of web-design

Getting to know the business of web design, and realizing income potential. Qualifying potential clients and providing the best possible experience while delivering a world-class product and service experience.

Lesson 1

  • Web design business overview
  • Realizing the full potential

Lesson 2

  • Tools and strategy
  • The creative process, revisions, and delivery
  • Planning

Lesson 3

  • Concepts and themes
  • Choosing the right host
  • Choosing the right tools

2. Creative

Goal: Mastering the art of web design

Hands-on modern web-design and web delivery. Creating a professional web page from start to finish. Web-design and delivery process by using the latest, most effective tools in the business of web design.

Lesson 4

  • Introduction
  • Web design checklist
  • Avoiding crucial errors and mistakes

Lesson 5

  • Web assets
  • SEO

Lesson 6

  • Domains
  • Security

Lesson 7

  • Setting up an environment
  • Installing and setting up plugins

Lesson 8

  • Introduction to page builder
  • Creating a complete website

Lesson 9

  • Creating a complete website (…continued)
  • Feedback & revisions

3. Business

Goal: How to start right away.

From getting a first client to a monthly recurring income. Working with clients, outsourcing, extra services.

Lesson 10

  • Business part – Introduction
  • Acquisition channels
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Recurring income

Lesson 11

  • Extra services
  • Client maintenance
  • Outsourcing revenue
  • Affiliate strategies
  • Creating a business plan
  • Business plan execution

Lesson 12

  • Re-cap
  • Exam
  • Certification ceremony

Successful completion of written and in-person exam marks the completion of the course and the start of your new career in the business of web design.

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Providing a service to small businesses by creating and maintaining a professional and strong online presence.

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Classes are limited to 12 students

COVID-19 Update:

In the event of Government issue shut down of classes and classrooms, certification will be held in the form of live online classes. 

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From the teachers

We have created this course for anyone aiming to change their career or take existing career to next level. Experienced or not, we will teach you strategies, design, and business workflow using real world examples. Upon completion of this certification course, you will become a respected expert in the business of web design.

Matt Vantuch - CEO, Periscope Media LLC.

Over 18 years in the business of web design. Creator of the most visited membership website in the world in 2005. Since then received a number of web design awards.

Matt Vantuch
CEO Periscope Media LLC.

Rene Hurnik Periscope Media LLC.

Over 20 years in the business of sales, acquiring and maintaining clients. Utilizing multiple strategies and channels of revenue by using the latest tools and technologies.

Rene Hurnik
CEO Periscope Media s.r.o.