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Say Thank You

You can say thank you to your clients many different ways.
1. Offer discount - great for marketing

Thank you for being our client. Here’s our thank you: 50% discount of Business Page.

2. Close the deal - great for in person

Offer a discount on Business Page to your client at the right time. Great offer will help close the deal and keep your client happy.

3. Stay creative

Use Business Pages any time you feel the need to, based on clients wants and needs. Holidays, anniversaries, year – end promotion and more!

Grow your business

Including Business Pages to your product line will grow your revenue
1. Create offer - bundle

Example: When you buy … this many items, you’ll get a free Business Page or at a discount. Remember, everyone loves bundles!

2. Make Business Pages part of your portfolio item

Business Pages will make a great addition to your product portfolio. Contact us to consult strategies and growth using Business Pages as an item in your portfolio, online offer or catalog.

What Is a Professional Business Page?

How much does it cost?

To offer Business Pages to your customers or clients is completely free.


How much will I make?

Contact us for special pricing, promo materials and discounts for your clients.

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