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Your gym or personal fitness trainer business needs a beautiful and professional fitness website. We will build, create and customize this beautiful personal fitness trainer website theme to fit your fitness business image and personality. Have your personal fitness trainer website or gym website ready tomorrow. Here's how ...
Gym Fitness center business website - complete ready made website

You focus on your business.

We design, create and build your website, just like this one:

The Best Gym - Personal Fitness Trainer website theme.

From the creators of Elementor, this beautiful Gym – Personal Fitness Trainer website theme is the ideal solution for anyone working in the fitness business: 

How do we build and create the best website for your Gym or Personal Fitness Trainer business?

Click the link above, to see this beautiful theme for Gym – Personal Fitness Trainer business LIVE in action. Our team of experienced WordPress web designers will customize, create, build and deliver your  Gym – Personal Fitness Trainer website complete with your images and your fitness business information.

Here is your Gym - Personal Fitness Trainer business website, just imagine it with images, text, and colors, reflecting you and your fitness business.

Home Page

Powerful fitness home page design.

Make a strong and powerful first impression with your fitness website’s home page. Choose the best fitness image of yourself, your gym or let our expert WordPress web designers choose one for you. Your potential clients will love you from the first second they visit your new fitness website.

About Page

Detailed about page.

Did you know, that in the fitness industry, About me page is the second most visited page right after the home page? Your clients have to know who you are. Either you are a Gym or a Personal Fitness Trainer, the About page is, where you connect with your existing or potential fitness clients. 


List all your classes in on one page.

Most Gyms and Personal Fitness Trainers run group classes for their fitness clients. List all your Fitness classes, like HIIT, F45, TRX, kickboxing, and others on this page. 

Class detail page

Details about your fitness classes.

Once we list all your fitness classes on the main Classes page, now we need to enter each fitness class detail on the Class detail page.  Here your client has to know the description of your class, time, what to bring and any other information you deem necessary. 

Trainer detail page

Mainly for Gym websites, here is where you list your fitness trainers.

When you run a Fitness Gym, your gym trainers need professional personal fitness trainers profile on your fitness gym website. We will create as many Trainer detailed pages as you have personal fitness trainers. Each one of them can use their fitness trainer profile page in their own marketing efforts and send their clients to their profile here, on your fitness gym website.

Pricing page

Show prices for your services in style on beautiful pricing page.

Transparent pricing is a very important aspect of your fitness business website. Most clients compare pricing among other criteria, before joining your gym or sign up for your fitness trainer services. We will build and customize the pricing page based on your fitness business needs.

Contact page

Show your clients different ways to contact you.

You can have the best gym or personal trainer website in the world, but if you don’t show your clients a clear way to contact you, you may have a problem. Some people prefer to talk on social media, some like to fill out a contact form, some like to call and some like to send a text message. Who knows who will be your next client. Some like to just walk in!

Why not show them all the different ways they can contact you. On your contact page, we include links to your social media accounts, phone numbers, contact form, and your gym or personal fitness trainer business address.


Show special offers with beautiful popup window.

In the fitness industry, it is very common to run different specials at different times of the year. Why not surprise your clients with this beautiful popup, where you can list your special offer. It may be a bring a friend and get one month free or 25% off your first year of membership. 


The fitness business is a very competitive business. It seems, that everyone is trying to be a professional personal fitness trainer these days. Separate yourself from amateurs with this beautiful professional gym or personal fitness trainer website. Right from the start, you will be way ahead of your competition.  You can have this beautiful Gym – Personal Fitness Trainers Website customized to your fitness business built and delivered tomorrow! We are experts in small business website design. We will deliver your website with every single option included here on our website inspection checklist.  You run your business, we build, create and maintain your website. From hosting, domain setup, website security, SEO setup, social media link, it’s all our job. There is really no reason, actually, it does not make any sense to try to build your website on your own using website builders or WordPress. If you’re not sure how to build your small business website, read this article, we talk about the usual roads most small business owners take when building their fitness and other small business websites. Usually, it ends up as a disaster. Can you relate?

How much will your small business website cost you?

Small business website theme

Mobile and tablet optimized design.

Set up and installation

Theme and plugins set up and installation.

Design Work - Finished website

100% finished website with your content, text, images and design adjustments.

Social + sharing ready

Control how your website looks when posting to social media or sending through Messenger, WhatsApp or text.

Domain name

Domain name included up to $10 year.

SSL Certificate installed

Your website security - done.

Support & Updates

Technical support and system updates.

Premium support

Solve any design request with our award winning support experts.

Premium Website Hosting

Superfast reliable WordPress hosting and 24/7 technical support. First year FREE!

Total value:


Savings of $799!!!

Special offer from:


Let’s talk about your project. Contact us for your FREE project consultation today!

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If we are not able to deliver your website within the time we promise, we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked.


Choose a website theme

Tell us about your business through a simple form, email or chat. You may provide links to your old website (if you have one), social profiles, or send us what you have. If you don’t have anything, no worries, we are experts at research.


Let us create and build

Our web design experts start building your website immediately upon receiving information about your business. Our web design process follows a strict set of rules and standards outlined in our 79 point website inspection. 


Check & enjoy your new website

When we’re done building your new business website, you receive an email notification from us with a link to check our work. Our support team is standing by to make any necessary design layout or text adjustments. 

No more DIY (Do It Yourself) platforms!  

You'll have your website in 24hr or less!

*Regular delivery time: 5 business days. Choose one day delivery at checkout.

Similar to changing the oil in your car.

You know you could probably do it, but why should you?

Changing oil is like having your small business website done.
Here’s where you take your car
(one hour or less)
Expert web designers for small business websites

Here’s where you have your website done
(24 hour delivery available)

SEO optimized website

Our designers will build and create your small business website on WordPress. With that in mind, every single website we create is put through website inspection, where our design experts set up and check each point without sacrificing on the quality of your website.



If we are not able to deliver your website within the time we promise, we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked. 

"Your website should talk to your clients, the same way you would."

FACT: 100% of your clients will GOOGLE you before they’ll do ANY business with you.


What should I expect when ordering website design from you?

When you place an order for your website, you will receive a complete professional website delivered to you in the timeframe you choose at checkout. 

We start building your website immediately upon receiving information / or confirmation from you as to what website theme you have decided to go with for your business and what information you’d like to have included on your website.

Do all turnkey websites look the same?

Absolutely not! Turnkey website design is only the starting point of your personalized website. We make sure that your website reflects you and your business. This is achieved through choice of colors, images, text and overall design layout.  Our support team will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your new website.

Can I edit my website myself?

If you feel the need to edit text or images on your website on your own, you can certainly do that. However, this is why you are with us, just send us an email or get on chat with our support, we will make changes on your website within 2 hours. You don’t need to worry about learning how to edit a website.

What happens after my payment?

Following your payment, a welcome email will be sent to your email address. Reply to this email or get on a chat with our support and provide us with basic information about your business. You don’t have to write an essay. In most cases, a link to your old website or link to your social profiles is all we need. Our team of experts will start work on your website immediately. You just sit back and let us do what you’re good at.

What if I don't like my new website

No worries, we understand, that in some cases we won’t be able to create the perfect website for your taste. With your payment, you have access to our premium support for one month. This is more than enough time for you and us to make changes and adjustments to your website. If you’re not happy with your website, we don’t deserve your business.

But I'd like to customize my site myself.

In that case, we made it easy for you. Just follow our super easy tutorials and you may edit your website yourself. Tutorials like:

  • How to change text on my website
  • How to replace images on my website
  • How to customize contact form
  • and more
What website platform is my website built on?

Your website is built on the most popular website platform in the world, WordPress. 34% of all websites in the world run on WordPress.

Sill not convinced?

We create and build completely functional small business websites. Start by choosing a small business website theme that is similar to your business. Our experts in small business web design will build and customize your website according to the latest website standards and to our website inspection.  

Professional design

Professional up-to date design

Our turnkey websites are designed with the help of industry experts. We work closely with professionals in the field of each specific business industry to create the perfect website.

Blazing fast website

Blazing fast website - clean code!

Our experts optimize the speed of each website to make sure it loads fast on all devices. This is one of the most important factors for visitor retention and google search ranking.

Responsive design

Beautiful on tablet and mobile

Over 50% visitors will visit your website from mobile device. Our complete ready made websites are optimized to look beautiful on any mobile or table device.

SEO optimized website

SEO and social share ready pages

You are in control of how your website looks on Google search pages and when it's shared with friends on social media, through text messages, WhatsApp, Messenger and more.

WordPress website security

SSL, CDN, Cloudflare ...

All the tech stuff you know nothing about? We have you covered. SSL certificate, WordPress optimized blazing fast hosting, routed through CloudFlare network. You're covered from all angles.

Customize website


Who said, that complete ready made websites can not be customized? See section you don't like? Do you need four columns instead of three? No problem.

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