Firewood Dresler

Topení palivové dřevo Dressler is a local firewood supplier and delivery company from the north of Czech Republic.
Topeni palivove drevo Dressler
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Topení palivové dřevo Dresler is a local firewood supplier and delivery company from the north of Czech Republic. Firewood Dresler works on first name basis with their clients. However, when business grows, it becomes really hard to keep in touch and to be found by all your loyal customers. Not to mention, what is competition rises up in your area.

This is exactly what happened to Mr. Dresler. After door to door marketing campaign, he has asked his clients, what is it that they are missing in his service. Number one answer was … “You are nowhere to be found.”

I could have told him that if he were to ask me 🙂 We are very glad, that Mr. Dresler has finally beautiful professional website with the most important information about his business.

His website was done in one day. Mr. Dresler didn’t even have to provide any information about his business. We have asked for his latest flyer and completed his website to his satisfaction in … ONE DAY!

This is a great example of complete ready made website by Periscope Media.

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